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Big City brat

All about Jazzie Brat

Hi there, and thanks for checking out my profile. I'm here mostly because I'm bored and always shot of disposable to play with, and wouldn't mind being treated once in a while. I'd like to meet someone who's intelligent but not intimidating. I need to learn, if I'm not learning I feel like I'm standing still or on pause; for this I subscribe to a few tutorial websites, some where you need to pay for course content. Should probably note I'm a vegiterian, in case we eat out.

I'm looking to have a good time, out or at home; maybe travel. I like good food and good company, and an apriciation of Sci-Fi will get you far. I'm always looking to learn, if you you can help fund a course I'm would be interested in please get in touch. I also like to keep in shape but need to part of a group to be motivated , if you'd like to fund a club/sport membership i'd be sure to invite you to the events.

I'm also a Master for and subs and slaves that need showing who is boss.

Brat Facts

Hello Guardian......This is what you can expect from me :


Complete nudity in pictures and videos - Erotic video chat if Guardian requests

Breast Size :


Sexuality :


Horny :

Some of the Time

Guardians Private Parts :

I do not want to see

I am into the following :

Humiliation | Pay-Pig | Role Play | Voyeurism | Financial Domination | Domination/Submission


United Kingdom

favorite perfume

Ultra Viol

body type



6' (183 cm)

hair color
hair color










eye color
eye color


guardian gender desired
gender desired


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